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“Repentant” Kosovo woman who joined ISIS pleads guilty

A Kosovo-born woman who is the widow of an
ISIS fighter has pleaded guilty to join the terrorist organisation of ISIS in

The woman identified as Edona Berisha,
during initial hearing at the Basic Court in Pristina has pleaded guilty of
joining ISIS claiming that she went there to be close to her children. “I plead
guilty on this criminal charge. I am guilty. My aim was to be close to my
children, after my late husband Burim Demolli went there, and asked to have
children by his side, this was the reason, why I went after my children, not to
leave in his hands,” Berisha said.

Berisha told the court that she tried to
escape from Syria and return to Kosovo, but was stopped by the terrorist group
of ISIS. “I always wanted to return to Kosovo and despite efforts to return I was
caught by the ISIS who have stopped me, but now I feel god that I have returned
in my country together with my children,” she said. Her lawyer asked the panel
of judges to take into consideration that her client voluntarily pleaded guilty
and has repented for joining ISIS and was ready to cooperate with the rule of
law authorities in Kosovo. The judgment in this case will be delivered on 15
January. The Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo has on 30 December
2019 filed an indictment against Edone Berisha, accused of criminal charges “organisation
and participation in a terrorist group.”

A total of 110 citizens of Kosovo were
repatriated from Syria last year, of whom 74 were children, 32 were women and
four were men. Nine children returned without parents because they were killed
in the fighting in the Middle East. /GazetaExpress/

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