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Schilling: EU should appoint a special envoy on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue

The decision of the US Secretary of State,
Mike Pompeo, to appoint Matthew Palmer as the Special Representative for the
Western Balkans, former EU high representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Christian Schwarz-Schilling considers as a shock to the European Union who are
focused on their internal problems.

Chilling says the US decision to appoint a
special envoy should motivate the Western Balkan region to find a solution to
all their problems, Gazeta Express reports. According to him the European Union
needs to be more proactive in solving problems and integrating Western Balkan
countries into the European Union, adding that the US initiative in 90s pushed
the region towards a right direction. “Experience shows that only solutions
agreed between the US and EU were successful and sustainable,” Schilling told
Deutsche Welle. Former EU high representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina says
that there are people who dislike the US initiative, adding however that
Washington does not want to leave the Western Balkan region to fall under
Russian influence. According to Schilling, Trump wants to mark another victory
ahead of the US presidential election in 2020.

Talking on the idea on exchange of
territories and correction of borders based on ethnic lines, Schilling says
that he warned of such danger earlier, adding that Palmer brought the message
in Balkans that the US does not want mono-ethnic states. Schwarz-Schilling
stated that the European Union should appoint a special envoy to deal with Pristina-Belgrade
dialogue and on Western Balkan issues. The German diplomat at the end says that
maybe time has come for Serbs in Kosovo to speak their voice and not expect
orders from Belgrade, who always speak on behalf of Serbs in Kosovo. /GazetaExpress/

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